Commissioned House Portraits

A commissioned house portrait by artist Jonathan Carr is a wonderful way to create lasting memories of a place that is special to your heart or as a unique and personalized gift for someone close to you. Jonathan Carr completes each digital painting by hand and provides you with multiple options to Giclee print your portrait on archival paper or canvas and several frame options are available. For standard projects, you can select a print from as small as 10"x8" or as large as20"x16". Custom projects are always welcomed by requesting a special size, style, or other attribute.


Consider a one of a kind house portrait as a gift to new homeowners, to someone moving from a special place, or as Realtor closing gifts.

What is a digital commissioned painting?

Digital Painting is a art form in which traditional painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, pastels, etc. are applied using a digital tablet and a computer. The stylus becomes my artists brush, pencil, pastel crayon, or pen depending upon the style that I am painting. Every stroke is laid down by hand just as if it were a wet paint filled brush hitting watercolor paper or oil paint strokes over a stretched canvas. When complete each uniquely original work of art is printed using an archival printing technique called Giclee.

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